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pump up the volume

my bff lizzie just showed this to me via cuteoverload. and honestly, like, videos DONT make me laugh. this one, however, makes me shake and tremble and i don't know what to do with myself.  i have watched this maybe 10 times and i cannot stop. to me, this is basically the cutest/funniest/most wonderful thing i could have been shown.  note: you must have your volume up to enjoy this at all.

that back left foot is killin' me



if you're wondering

i'm sorry i've been mia!

after being gone for 1 whole week it seems my business has gone up a gillion! which is great, but i'd also love to be here! in the meantime, i'm doing a detox juice cleanse today until wednesday with my bff liz and another friend of mine is doing one too. so i'm feeling a little curmudgeonly. if you are too, go see my OTHER good friend's super funny blog, curmudgeon junction.

go have a look see!


a murder: in four acts


my husband had the brilliant idea to make a silent movie while we were in glamorous california.
here it is: