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lemon cake 

while i love to eat it (yum.... lemon cake.....) i am endeavoring now to read it.  with knitting and quilting and all the cooking and baking (yum, lemon cake) i do, reading has sort of taken a backseat in the hobby department.  with so many hobbies that produce, i find it hard to sit down and take part in a hobby that enriches only me.  no baby booties to give as gifts? no wedding gifts? nothing to give or make? while reading is lovely, it seems so selfish. a lover of books, i never thought i'd say that. but having learned all these new crafts and skills, it seems silly to waste away hours reading when i could be usefully committing to a quilt or a patchwork pillow. anyway, i'm deciding this summer is the summer of me. eff you!  its time for me! well, not entirely.... i'm just commiting to reading ONE book. 

this is it:

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decor 8 e-magazine round-up

decor8 has a super duper amazing round up of all the best e-mags right now. i was a fan of some (hello, Lonny much?) but now I have more, more, more! with the likes of domino + cookie gone, i haven't had much editorial eye candy lately.

thanks, decor8 for being so much more on the ball than the rest of us.

antler mag image from decor8

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